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Columbus Warehouse Facility

4With Company offers cost effective customized warehouse solutions for home and business owners in the Columbus region. Whether you require long term warehouse of commercial goods, office equipment, documents files, or short term warehouse for household belongings and seasonal items, 4With Company provides protection for your valuables that offers you ultimate peace of mind.

Our warehouse facilities can be used in conjunction with our moving services, but are also available if you need long or short term warehouse for your belongings, either to free up some space in your Columbus home or office, or to store seasonal possessions, like winter coats or sports equipment.

Secure Warehouse in Columbus

Throughout the moving process, but particularly if your move involves storing belongings in a facility, the security of your possessions is of huge importance. Just as you wouldn't trust the first person who came along, offering to help you move, nor should you trust just any company to safely and securely store your belongings.

4With Company's warehouse facility is monitored around the clock, day in and day out, guaranteeing your most precious belongings will be safe no matter what. Not only will your possessions be safe from the threat of theft, but with our climate controlled units and sprinklers, your things are protected from fire and water damage. From family photo albums to electrical equipment, 4With Company is able to provide Columbus residents on the move with secure warehouse solutions for a diverse range of objects.

Need a place to store some boxes while you get settled? Not a problem! Looking to store valuable possessions, like family heirlooms or office equipment? Worry not! Our units are guarded 24/7 by a variety of high end security systems, and with a top-shelf alarm system you'll be the first to know if anything happens.

Our warehouse facility includes:

  • Climate controlled units
  • State-of-the-art security camera and alarm system
  • External facility monitoring 24/7
  • Sprinkler system
  • Industrial racking
  • Palletized and container warehouse
  • Fully insured and bonded
  • Short or long term warehouse options
  • Residential and commercial warehouse
  • Specialty warehouse options

Access to Warehouse When You Need It

Business relocations, expansions, household renovations, or long distance moves often require quick access to a secure warehouse facility and the services of knowledgeable warehouse experts. 4With Company professionals are experienced with handling a variety of business and residential requirements and assist with planning and personalizing your warehouse options.

Moving Box

Guaranteed Security - Customized Warehouse Solutions

4With Company makes customer satisfaction its top priority and guarantees the safety and security of the items stored in our facilities. With numerous warehouse options guaranteed to suit the needs and budget of a diverse clientele, 4With Company is uniquely positioned to provide top tier warehouse services to Columbus.

To learn more about the benefits of 4With Company's warehouse solutions, and to inquire about pricing, please call to speak to a knowledgeable 4With Company consultant for a detailed estimate and to discuss your warehouse needs. We look forward to making your Columbus move that much simpler!